Afghan Government

Afghanistan Government (Irrigation and Agricultural Ministries)P1

Field Engineer/ Supervisor/director

Engineer. Nazir Ahmad Shah Wardak started his first professional career in the ministry of water and power in Helmand and Afghanabad Valley Authority HAVA in 1976, and prior to migration to Pakistan in late 80s he pursued serving at various senior positions with the irrigation and agriculture ministries in Afghanistan.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Followed the technical procedure of the related ministries
  • Conducted field reconnaissance for the most efficient project in irrigation sectors.
  • Followed up the guidelines and supervised the detail technical survey  teams related to the irrigation planned project in all target provinces of Afghanistan.
  • Evaluated of the data based on the cost benefit ratio for the planning, design and cost estimating of the projects.
  • Supervised the implementation work and timely submitted report to the finance department regarding the work progress of the projects implementation.
  • Systematic observation of the direct and indirect project beneficiaries in order to make sure the effect and impact of the project in both short and long runs after projects completion.
  • Periodically reported to the top management of the ministries and submitted concept proposal to the higher authorities in order to identify more efficient projects which help the sector development.
  • Participated in the technical and non –technical meeting of the ministries.
  • Provided technical training for the capacity building of the technical staff.