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cup_acceptanceEngineer. Nazir Ahmad Shah Wardak is an experienced senior basketball expert. He was one of the outstanding basketball stars of Afghanistan between the years of 1969-1985. He participated in various computation in national, regional and international levels in Asian and European counties. In addition to that he successfully completed various theoretical and practical basketball technical training courses under the supervisions of international basketball trainers, and finally he got the honor of the first Afghan basketball master sport title medal from the Basketball Federation of National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan. He trained about more than 100 basketball players and as well as managed and organized basketball clubs in the country.

He started basketball when he was a student in Habibia High School in Kabul. After graduation from high school he continued playing basketball parallel to his higher education in Kabul University and very soon he became famous as a best shooting guard in national and international levels.

Engineer. Nazir Ahmad Shah Wardak was a president of Afghanistan National Basketball Federation and Deputy President of FIBA meddle East zone between the years of 2004-2008. During that time he successfully worked for the motivation, mobilization,urbanization and nationalization of basketball social infrastructure in the country. He well introduced Afghanistan National Basketball Federation ANBF in the regional and international levels. In connection with the international basketball organizations he made a comprehensive strategic plan for the further development of the basketball infrastructure of Afghanistan, but unfortunately because of some problems, misunderstandings and misinterpretation it was not supported from the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan.

Basketball History

(1966)- Member of Habibia high school basketball joiner team in Kabul.
(1968)- Member of a team selected from all high schools in Kabul.
(1971)- Player of Kabul University Basketball Club.
(1974)- Player of Afghanistan National Basketball Team.

Afghan National Basketball Team 1974

(1978)- Captain player of Afghanistan National Basketball Team



(1984)– Trainer of Afghanistan National Basketball Team
(1988-2003)– Training and organizer Basketball activities in Pakistan Peshawar and Islamabad.
(2004-2008)– President of Afghanistan National Amateur Basketball Federation ANABF
(2007-2008)– Deputy President of FIBA Asia Middle–East Zone.
(2008-2009)– Volunteer Basketball Trainer in Pinecrest-Queensway Community   Health Center PQHCS in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Eng. Nazir Ahmad Shah Wardak  (Former Afghanistan National Basketball Captain), Volunteer Basketball Trainer

(2012-now)– Registered Volunteer Basketball Trainer in Ottawa Network for Education of Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)

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The documentaries presented within this information link refer to the recent last decade. Unfortunately an outsized part of Nazir’s personal sport life encyclopedia was destroyed during the internal civil war.

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AFAMAC Basketball Game


All is now only the past memories and the past will never die and will remain as a history, goes with generation to generation.

Basketball Events 

Collections from different sections of basketball events organized during the time when Engr. Nazir Ahmad Shah Wardak was the President of National Basketball Federation of Afghanistan (ANBF) and Deputy President of FIBA Meddle Asia Zone.

Missions  Participatory missions for the introduction, orientation and development of (ANBF) in the FIBA regional and world congress.

Videos (ANABF activities) (Final Basketball Game and Closing Ceremony of Herat zone’s Basketball Tournament, December 2008)

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